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Thanks to the responses on this page from our first season, 9 completely new episodes have been delivered to your local PBS for 2000. Thank you for your kind comments and please let us know what your thoughts are for ShortCuts 2000. If you would like a response, please remember to include your email address. Whenever possible, please let us know the station where you saw ShortCuts (this helps us keep track of viewership).

Answers to a few common questions:

Are there DVD's or Tapes available of ShortCuts?
The rights licensed for each film cover PBS broadcast only. As a result, we're not able to provide for tapes, DVD's or internet broadcast of the program at this time (I know that at the end of season 1 episodes there's a mention of a DVD from ZumaDigital, but they never followed through). Of course, you're always allowed to tape the show yourself for home use.

Can I submit a film for future consideration to the show?
I hate to say it, but ShortCuts will not be going into a third season, so we're no longer accepting film or tape submissions. These last few years the show has been paid mostly out of pocket. A corporate sponsor to fully support ShortCuts (which would have allowed it to continue) was never found. For more info please read the "Note from the Producer" from the "About" menu.

I love Louis CK, how do I break into his house?
Louis loves unwelcome houseguests, but we don't know where he lives and can't help you with that...

To contact Vision Entertainment directly send email to feedback@shortcuts.org .

Tell us what you think of the show!

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Sunday, July 31 at 06:55 AM:
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"sehr gut Saite. Was machen Sie mein Freund?keep it up !"

Sunday, July 24 at 02:50 PM:
Richard Davis from San Diego wrote:
"Nice one, but what about der weg ? anywya, congrats from me."

Saturday, July 23 at 01:27 PM:
Peter Jackson from San Diego wrote:
"A heap of wheat, says the Song of Songs but I've never seen wheat in a pile :)did you like it?"

Friday, July 22 at 06:20 PM:
Joe Fuentes from San Francisco wrote:
"The text was good, but i stil cant find the play ipdates. looking for it dude."

Thursday, February 17 at 02:11 AM:
Ron Lynch from L.A. wrote:
"Larry, I'm fine. Hope all is well by you. After I wrote my last post I never looked again, until now. Hello to all who bother to come here. I'll e-mail soon."

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Sunday, August 31 at 02:25 AM:
Scott from Auburn, CA wrote:
"How come I always find great stuff after it's been cancelled?Just saw ShortCuts on Channel 9. Loved “Tulip” and totally agree with the film makers view on grief."

Tuesday, June 17 at 05:24 PM:
Larry from ShortCuts wrote:
"Diane (sorry for the late response)-That was the ending. He won $40,000 but then decides to bet it all again on another horse. Whether he wins or not the second time around is not shown. The movie ends with him watching the horses run around the track. The reason for this is to stress how whether he won or not is not the point, it's that he couldn't control his urge to keep betting, no matter how much he won. Whether he won the next race or not was not important- as even if he would he, most likely, would lose it all eventually anyway."

Wednesday, May 28 at 09:58 AM:
Diane from southern California wrote:
"I really enjoyed watching "The Bet" this morning on the Independent Film Channel. However, I might have missed the ending, and I was wondering if it would be shown again. Mr. Hicks placed a bet and won $40,000. Was that the ending or was there anything else after it?"

Friday, March 7 at 11:21 AM:
Larry from New York wrote:
"Thanks Brittany, I appreciate your well thought out sentiments. Although I do disagree with your conclusion and the course of action you suggested I take, I hope that you, and your big fat ass, continue enjoying our show."

Thursday, March 6 at 06:04 PM:

Tuesday, March 4 at 08:21 PM:
Larry from New York wrote:
"Hey Ron, how've you been?Interesting how you asked if anyone still comes to this site, as I hadn't checked it myself in quite a while. I'm really glad that Amir takes the time to visit, though.Drop me an email if you want (Larry@shortcuts.org). Hope things are well by you-Regards,-Larry"

Friday, February 28 at 01:49 AM:
Ron from LA wrote:
"There shouldn't be a period after the word "smart". It changes the meaning..."

Friday, February 28 at 01:47 AM:
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Monday, February 3 at 08:08 PM:
G.P. from Berkeley wrote:
"Absolutely LOVE the show! Please keep up the wonderful work.P.S. I loved louis on Dr. Katz!"

Sunday, October 13 at 08:39 PM:
Aaron Bishop from W. Columbia S.C. wrote:
"I just wanted to say that it sucks that Shortcuts will not be having a third season because of budget... i'm only 17 and i just produced my first short film, and if it wasn't for this show i probably wouldn't have even thought about it... this show will be sorely missed, and the awsome contrabutions to society that could've come from it's inspiration will go unnoticed... good luck to everyone on the shortcuts crew... peace"

Sunday, August 25 at 02:47 PM:
Larry from ShortCuts.org wrote:
"Sorry to hear it Steve.Arms can be a real bitch."

Saturday, August 24 at 03:36 PM:
Steve Agee from Hollywood wrote:
"Hey Larry,I hate my arm now."

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Tuesday, March 5 at 02:05 PM:
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Sunday, December 30 at 07:40 PM:
Bob from Washington D.C. wrote:
"Some of it is Wonderful!! Refreshing!"

Friday, December 28 at 08:49 PM:
Larry from ShortCuts wrote:
"Hey Steve,It's been over a month now-How's that arm of yours doing?"

Friday, November 9 at 02:24 AM:
Steve Agee from Hollywood, California wrote:
"I like my arm."

Thursday, November 8 at 02:11 AM:
dean from redondo beach, california wrote:
"you will like this:http://www.filmfestival.dk/international/musicforone.htmli swear."

Thursday, October 25 at 08:23 PM:
Jeff Collins from Columbus, OH/Hanover, PA wrote:
"Great show, I am so happy to see short films getting publicity. Too bad that you won't be going into a third season (call miramax or Tarantino). As a struggling screnwriter it is always great to see others work that can make it somewhere."

Saturday, September 29 at 01:03 AM:
Barri Bass* from S2K Records wrote:
"Dear Shortcuts: I have a chance to check out your show on Friday, 9/28/2001 on PBS. What a great program! The feature "The Bet" was the greatest piece of video that I've seen to date. I just wanted to thank you for a great program. Please keep up the good work. I'm so tired of seeing the same movies done over and over and over and over and over and over again by mainstream Hollyweird. A prime example is the Michael Douglas movie, "Don't Say A Word". Didn't we just see him in this same type of movie a couple of months ago??Peace! "

Wednesday, September 26 at 09:31 PM:
melody saunders from melsphoto@aol.com wrote:
"I can't seem to figure out how to find the airdate for Episode 201- Sighning Offthanks. Melody"

Sunday, September 16 at 05:35 PM:
Guy Campbell from ianaroundtheworld@hotmail.com wrote:
"As a student on the crest on my degree education and visiting American , New York before embarking on this I was lucky enough to stumble upon your show 'ShortCuts' on the moring of 09/16/01. And watched the short "the Bet'. I found this a highly interesting film, well directed, beautiful cinematography and good solid characters. I real inspiration to a young would be film directer. Quick question though...if the odds for the horse in the film are 8-1 as offered by Uncle Larry over the phone why did the bet of $10,000 only pay out $40,000? Sorry of i missed something or am being pedantic, just confused. Anyway, I found the programme very interesting and am glad I caught it..I should be back in Englan by now but am waiting for a flight as you all know of the recent tradgedy.ThanksGuy"

Wednesday, September 5 at 08:44 AM:
Bryan (B.J.) Thomas from nthomas@fullnet.com wrote:
"Truly amazing stuff! I've been a Jay Clay fan for years. I knew Tim at Vincennes University in Indiana (for a while anyway). If he ever sees this i'd like for him to e-mail me. Hope all is well. I had some of the Jay Clay stuff taped from Showtime, but the vhs crapped out on me.Bryan Thomas (still stuck in Southern Indiana) Jasper, Indiana"

Monday, August 27 at 03:30 PM:
Wes Eastin from Scratchedlens@mindspring.com wrote:
"I am co-founder of Scratched Lens Productions and one of thw few directors, I'm not here to pitch unless you need submissions in which case I would be more than happy to accommidate you. I was writing to ask if you know where I could find the short film Das Clown. If you come across the web-site or if it's submitted to you please notify me. I saw it once and it was hilarious, I don't remember who directed it though.Thank you,Wes EastinScratched Lens Productions"

Saturday, August 25 at 03:04 AM:
Kurai from Cali wrote:
"I just watched "Swerve" for the first time, and I was wondering if someone could answer me this:is the guy in the trunk the owner of the car himself, or is it just a man the owner had murdered?"

Friday, August 24 at 10:51 PM:
Lenny Cota from Hesperia CA wrote:
"UGH I havent seen short cuts in ages,. local pbs dont carry it,.. PLUS we moved from orange county to the high desert,.. and charter cables perty fucked,... STILL I am rooting for you guys allways. major HUGS to all and GLAD to hear youre still on the air,.. in some parts of so california LOL SO VIVA LE CELULOID. or is that celulite? and HOW do you say lipo in french?! LOL HUGS XO Lenny"

Tuesday, August 21 at 07:44 PM:
jason from mapleton, Il wrote:
"i want to see "hello there" my friend told me about it...tell me how i can see it. jason jrh25@hotmail.com"

Friday, August 17 at 08:37 AM:
kavita from kavita_810@rediffmail.com wrote:
"i wanna know about animation in india. please"

Monday, August 13 at 07:57 AM:
Rosina from New York City wrote:
"I fell upon the show one late night and became a fan. I roped my sister into watching it with me another late night and now she refuses to go without watching it regularly. We both agree that the films on "Short Cuts" accomplish, in a few minutes, what major Hollywood movies can't, in over three hours. It will be a real loss not to have the program to ease our insomnia. "

Saturday, August 4 at 05:33 PM:
Faisal from mfakhter@ucdavis.edu wrote:
"this is pretty solid"

Saturday, August 4 at 09:30 AM:
Kent Loobey from Eugene, Oregon wrote:
"I love "Short Cuts"! I am *very* sorry to hear that you will not be continuing on next year. Good Luck. And thanks."

Thursday, July 26 at 10:11 PM:
Andre Brison from Miami, Fl wrote:
"I just happened to come across the show while channel surfing tonight- What a breath of fresh air! I LOVE this program. When will it be on again?"

Thursday, July 26 at 12:12 PM:
John V Stachnieiwcx from Portland wrote:
" I like it more !"

Thursday, July 26 at 11:57 AM:
John V Stachnieiwcx from Portland wrote:
"I Like It !"

Wednesday, July 18 at 04:47 AM:
Karen from kb1986@hotmail.com wrote:
"Aw geez! I've missed several of the broadcasts. Will they be re-broadcast in the near future? I'm the Washington, DC market. Thanks in advance.kb1986@hotmail.com"

Monday, July 9 at 10:35 AM:
John Smith from Ballyhoo, WA wrote:
"Well... I think word has it that you can buy any of Louis CK's short films at his website at "www.LouisCK.com":)."

Saturday, July 7 at 03:08 AM:
jeff stone from moorpark, ca wrote:
"i love that "the ugly revenge" one. i'm really wanting to get that on tape or something. is there any way i can get it? thanks.."

Wednesday, July 4 at 08:03 AM:
Donna from Mt Holly, NJ wrote:
"Great show. Quest was great, well the portion that I had a chance to view!"

Thursday, June 28 at 09:19 PM:
Jon Freda from jfredahsd@earthlink.net wrote:
"I'm sorry that you're not able to continue your show. I saw a show on cable tv in central Florida on channel 98, Time Warner Cable, midnight on Saturdays, called Showcase Shorts, where they are featuring short films and videos by indie filmmakers, with a host and guest interviews. It's an ongoing film festival where the winners are shown on the show. Their website is www.showcaseshorts.com."

Friday, June 8 at 11:30 AM:
Louis C.K. from the show wrote:
"Hey everyone who might read this. Just to let you know that I'm now selling DVDs of my short films on my website:http://www.louisck.com.This dvd includes nine shorts and is very funny, i hope. there are other things to do on my site as well, so check it out. Also you can email me with any questions you have there. Thanks for watching Shortcuts. Larry Russo, the guy who created it, is a great guy and working on this show with him was a great experience. People should watch shorts. People should make shorts. People should buy my shorts at http://www.louisck.comthanks for your time.Your friend,Louis C.K."

Saturday, May 26 at 08:48 AM:
James Gurley/ jgurley@nba.com from Tuxedo, NY wrote:
"I just recently caught back to back episodes of Short Cuts on the Metro Channel's Thirteen featuring Sling Blade and the Bet and found it to be the most entertaining hour of television I've seen in a very long time. Although I'm framiliar with both Ted Demme and Billy Bob Thorton I'd never seen either of these shorts, and enjoyed them both immensely for very different reasons. In addition to the films themselves, I found the post screening interviews with cast and crew to be a personal inspiraton as well. I'm gearing up to direct my first film this August and loved it when Demme said "you just have to do it. There's no other way to learn." I just wish I could've found out about this program sooner, as I would of watched it every time it aired. It's sad to see such a brilliant idea be forced off the air for a lack of funding. I know there's a dirty little metaphor in there somewhere...but alas.Bravo on a brilliant concept Mr. CK.If you have any advice for a first time director about to start a short, please share."

Thursday, April 19 at 02:49 AM:
Nicole H. Gonzales (kitty) from Rosemead, CA. wrote:
"Dear Mr. C.K., Hello, how r u doing? Good I hope. Well I'm a R.O.P. T.V. Production at my high school, and I was wondering in how I can become a better director in the short film area? My mother just got me a cam-corder this last past year. I can't stop recording new things in the world. My teacher told me 2 ask a professional, so I thought I would ask u. Can u please send me some info. in how I can be better in making shortfilms and other video's. here is my e-mail. kitty17@hotmail.com thanx again, luv ur show. ur fan Nicole :)"

Saturday, April 14 at 08:34 AM:
Robert Wascher from Granada@keyway.net wrote:
"We are restoring a 1926 Fox Theatre (The second Fox on the west coast, known as the 'Little Fox' 750 seats) and are wondering if you would like to do any free promotional events or could help us with resouces to book short films or create festivals. We are located in Historic Ontario, S.Calif.ThanksP.S. Love your show!"

Sunday, April 8 at 02:10 AM:
Nicole H. Gonzales from Rosemead, California wrote:
"Dear Mr. Louis C.K., Hello, how are you doing? Good I hope. Just about a couple of nights ago, I wasn't able to sleep so I decided to flip through the T.V.. I came upon one of your short films called "Ice Cream", and I loved it! Finally somebody got it right on life. Now I watch ur show as much as I can. I'll keep watching and I'll tell all my friends at school about what a cool show I found late at night. Take Care and Keep Up the Kool work. Sincerely Nicole a.k.a Kitty :>"

Saturday, March 31 at 06:41 PM:
Phil Barker from Los Angeles wrote:
""Quest" was amazing to watch. I'm sorry I didn't catch this show sooner!"

Friday, March 23 at 03:47 PM:
Larry Russo from ShortCuts wrote:
"Hello? Is this on?:)"

Friday, March 2 at 10:21 PM:
chris may from abreak@best./com wrote:
"signing off----incrediblly funny. is there absolutely no way to purchase video's when will shortcuts be aired again on kqed or kcsm in the in the san francisco bay area. Cheers chris"

Friday, March 2 at 01:16 AM:
Charles from the dumpster behind Wal-Mart wrote:
"Wow, I just wanted to say that watching Short Cuts was the second most entertaining experience in my life. What's the first? Visiting the site www.angelfire.com/oh2/dilettante/index.html. I know that was quite asshole-ish of me but let me tell you right now, if it weren't for assholes we'd all have shit flowin out our ears"

Saturday, February 17 at 03:07 AM:
Steven A. Jetton from Los Angeles wrote:
"I thoughly enjoy your show and I am sorry to read that it is not going to be held over for another season; it is too bad since I am a "WANNA BE" Director/Writer and would have entertained the thought of submitting one of my shorts to your show. I wish there were someway that you could get funding to furthur extend your show for another season. I will miss it.Thank you, Steven A. Jetton"

Thursday, February 15 at 11:12 PM:
Roger Stavitz from Stratford, NJ wrote:
""Tulip" was beautiful. Made me want to cry. Thanks!"

Monday, February 12 at 11:15 PM:
Jon Read from Missoula, MT wrote:
"I just happened onto shortcuts last week and already I am hooked! I had to check out the website after seeing "Tulip" this week. I am devastated to learn that the show won't be continuing! DOH!"

Friday, February 9 at 08:42 AM:
Krissy Rowe from Brooklyn NY wrote:
"ya know , last night i left early from work and i didn't feel sick although i said i did to get out but then i came home i turned on my favorite station and crap was on. i couldn't go to bed but i had nothing else to do so I watched Ice Cream Fucking Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! made me like acting again and told me creativeness doesn't only travel as far as that primitive Mainstream crap that eats up all the money. it sucks that i just found this out now and you guys are leaving soon . plese plese continue it reminded me of my film history class in highschool when i saw \Help! My Snowman's Burning Downi wanna be part of this circle that you guys have created and if you ever need like Pa's or actors or just someone to run the errands write me write me write me my email is KrissyRowe@msn.comthankyou for giving me a purpose lastnight!"

Friday, February 2 at 06:39 AM:
Dave from Westchester wrote:
"Having recently written my second short, I've become quite interested in seeing what else is out there. PBS's "Short Cuts" has provided one of those vehicles (in addition to others such as IFC)whereby those of us who appreciate the creative process, can see what makes others tick. The pre and post interviews also give us a chance to have some of our questions asked by the host.I clearly hope that sponsorship is gained for at least another year so that we may continue showcasing such great, new talent."

Wednesday, January 31 at 10:56 AM:
Humayun from India wrote:
"Dear Sir,I am a Model and Actor fom Bombay (India) I have made a short film onNational Integration keeping world Peace in mind.My film would not be around 60 seconds in duration.I wanted to know in which section can my film will be entered in youresteemed film festival?Should I have a censor certificate from my country?And what is the last date to send my film?I'll be highly obliged if you send me the details.ThanksHumayunMy website and E mail address is as follows:www.humayoon.comhumayun@vsnl.com"

Saturday, January 27 at 03:23 AM:
Desmond from Bed Stuy Brooklyn wrote:
"Whilst taking a short break from playing video games for the umteenth hour, I decided to go fro some channel surfing and cruised on over to PBS which was airing Shortcuts. The first film that I saw was 'Signing Off',- the show was effing hilarious!!!!!!!! I hadn't laughed that hard in years. Just yesterday, I saw my second episode - with 'Quest' and 'Canhead'. They were both funny as he@#. If anyone looks deeply enough, you can see that 'Quest' is about the plight of humankind personified by a clay person. The water can be whatever you think it to be (money, happiness, love) and the different realms are the struggle to acquire the elusive goal that is always just around the corner. I also liked canhead alot to. The scenes were wonderful- 5 Stars!!!! I wish that I had found out about shortcuts years ago. It is truly a great show worthy of the highest praise. If they would only move shortcuts into primetime, the amount of instant fans would be phenomenal.unprecedented.epidemic.cataclysmic-well you get the idea. It pains me to hear that such a show will be no more and I will break all dates to watch the last episode. P.S. Maybe all of us fans should gang up and force Pepsi to "sponsor 'Shortcuts'" or we'll all drink Coke!!!!!!! Raistlin2g#@Hotmail.com"

Friday, January 26 at 01:05 PM:
Gentry Fry from NYC wrote:
"are you guys still accepting submissions as of 1/26/01?-Gentry FryFilmmaker, NYCwww.cathexisfilms.com"

Monday, January 15 at 11:04 PM:
Charlie Ewan from Anaconda, Montana wrote:
"I think this is a wonderful program. I hope it raises people's awareness and appreciation for th short film format."

Saturday, January 13 at 02:34 AM:
Fitzes97@aol.com from John wrote:
"I just saw "The Bet" from Ted Demme. I think that I went to college with him. Can you tell me a little bit of his background and personal history? "

Friday, December 29 at 05:50 PM:
Lenny Warhol from southern california wrote:
"WOO HOO! I loves me some short cuts,... HEy If you really want to get into filming and making short movies or projects Do watch Short Cuts on your local pbs station,.... WHY? girl you know its gonna be great.. theres so many inspiring movies. docudramas, comedies, its a vurtial smorgasborg of ideas n inspiriation,... I watch it ALL the time!.... NOW how about YOU!? Like Madonna once said "WHAT are YOU looking at?" :)"

Saturday, December 23 at 03:07 AM:
Mark Pines from Nightcap Carnival wrote:
"Since you are not going into a third season, would you like to continue your show as a regularly scheduled streaming webcast using live segments interswitched with video playback of your selected shorts? Please contact me at 212-337-0001 or edington@aol.comMark Pines"

Saturday, November 18 at 12:13 AM:
Aglar-gwaith from Santa rosa CA wrote:
"We saw the show for the first time and thought it was great! It is refreshing to find a show that is artistic and original. We would love to see it aired more on KQED!Thank you "

Monday, October 30 at 06:22 PM:
Larry Russo from New York City wrote:
"Thank you Laura. Ok now I'll give you that raise you've been asking for. :)"

Monday, October 30 at 12:10 PM:
Laura from New York wrote:
"What a great show! Kudos to Producer Larry Russo for seeking out such amazing shorts from all over the world for everyone to enjoy! I won't miss an episode from now on! This is a well done program."

Sunday, October 22 at 09:02 AM:
sheila from the dirty jerse wrote:
"hello-completely tired of simpsons reruns (as brilliant as i think they are) and bored silly, i stumbled upon the pgm last night. i haven't laughed that hard in ages..."hum drum" had me spinning...absolutely brilliant stuff. and that "frog crossing" film was mesmerizing...totally mesmerizing!! is that guy from williamsburg/greenpoint (brooklyn ny)?...or somebody involved w.the program? i recognized some street scenes as my old neighborhood and stomping ground. i am so, so excited to find something worth seeing on tv saturday nights.stuff like this show really gets my creative juices simmering (photography)...so inspiring and funny...and really good to know there are really other people out there thinking like me. i don't think there's anybody like this where i live-it stinks!thanks so much for making my night and i'm sorry i didn't find you sooner.btw-i saw it on WLIW/21...but it wasn't actually channel 21, it was 17 (?)...the bottom of the screen just said it was 21.well, best wishes--sheila (shei13@aol.com) "

Saturday, October 21 at 08:30 AM:
Sandra Stoddard from lionflower@yahoo.com wrote:
"Well, too bad Louis got married last year, because I came to this website to find out how to contact him. Ah, well.Last night I turned on the television with the intention to actually watch it for the first time in six months. (The few other times I turned it on was so my kid could watch Saturday morning cartoons - the bane of our existance.) ANYWAY (Get to the POINT, Sandy!!!), the only channel with anything redeeming on it was PBS. I was watching that hilarious star gazer guy (I love him! He's a nut!), and to my delight, not long after, Short Cuts came on. Louis's arresting personality was my first draw. (This particular episode began with, "Hello There.") The shorts themselves did the rest. I'm hooked, I'm addicted, and now I'm going to find myself making time to watch television. (Is there a 12-step for this?) Having a general distaste for big theatre movies, I'm delighted to find films without subtitles that I can thoroughly enjoy (and accommodate my attention span?). hee hee heeCheers!from your newest fan,Sandy Stoddard570 El Camino RealPMB 367Redwood City, CA 94063"

Monday, October 9 at 12:17 AM:
Ron Lynch from Los Angeles, California wrote:
"Louis is a very talented man and I especially liked that making of the cowboy movie show (last episode). If anyone is the president of a major corporation, please give Larry Russo a huge amount of money so he can make more "Short Cuts.""

Sunday, October 8 at 11:20 PM:
Andrew Allen from San Clemente, CA wrote:
"I am VERY upset that I just now discovered this gem. I am a film student, and have often wished something of this quality was out there to watch. I simply cannot believe it will not be continuing. Thanks for all your hard work guys, a lot of us out there appreciate it, and support evertyhing you tried to do. Actually, everything you DID do!! "

Sunday, September 3 at 01:54 AM:
kandemerol from kandemerol@hotmail.com wrote:
"LOUIS CK is the better host!!"

Saturday, August 19 at 09:32 PM:
Triumph from Westminster Dog Show wrote:
"Is this on?"

Saturday, July 29 at 12:21 PM:
mike.vennum@crowncastle.com from Pittsburgh wrote:
"I am looking to purchase a copy of the 1992 short file The Civil War Parody, by DOUG CHAMBERLIN & CHRIS WEBB. It is a satire of Ken Burns' PBS Civil War series. Do you know where I can get a copy of this video?"

Tuesday, July 25 at 09:31 AM:
Russell Wilks from russell@bluetac.com wrote:
"www.thetuckshop.com is a streaming media industry specific news resource. We cover the latest developments within the Internet/ Digital Interactive/ Broadband and Telecoms sectors. Based in the UK, we deliver a worldwide interpretation of the news and not a US-specific view (which means that you donĚt miss out on any important developments within those markets)."

Wednesday, July 19 at 05:57 PM:
Dean Middleton from Washington DC-ish wrote:
"Just caught the show on WNVC, loved it. If you ever filming in DC and need some footage of a motorcycle, scooter or weird cars call me.dmiddleton3@juno.com"

Saturday, July 8 at 10:57 PM:
Robert Kaufman from Lodi, New Jersey wrote:
"Will the show be on in NY again?"

Thursday, June 22 at 09:43 AM:
isaac acosta from isacu@yahoo.com wrote:
"pbs Ch28 forgot about us in orange countythere not playing your stuff."

Thursday, June 8 at 10:27 AM:
Peter Boza from San Francisco, Ca. wrote:
"I don't view tv too much, but I do watch Shortcuts religiously. I can't believe that there won't be a followup season. As a student of film, and short film lover, this has been a great boon. We need more programs like this. I hope that you'll do all you can to continue it. How can I help? peterboza@yahoo.com"

Tuesday, June 6 at 10:39 AM:
David Podemski [david_podemski@emerson.edu] from Queens, NY wrote:
"I am a big fan of Louis CK. I accosted him on 5th Ave. last summer. A fellow red-head."

Sunday, June 4 at 05:42 PM:
Stefan from San Francisco wrote:
"I first saw Shortcuts here on KQED last fall, and I've been hooked ever since! The films in season two are particularly good, and Louie CK is fantastic as host. I'm sorry to hear that the show won't be continuing, but I want to thank you for giving shortfilm makers an opportunity to show their work like this. Oh, and one more thing--if possible, please air all of season two at least one more time! I want to tape all of them!"

Friday, June 2 at 11:11 PM:
Zach from Charleston Illinois wrote:
"Ijust happened to catch "Shortcuts" as I was flipping through the channels. I had never seen or heard of the show but I'm glad I happened across it. I saw "Ice Cream" and thought it looked interesting and I loved it. I am a big Louis CK fan but did not know he was involved in anything like this. I was quite surprised to see him at the end of the film. I read the message above about the tapes or dvd. Is there any chance that at the end of this season the shorts may be made available? Also, is there any way to access any of the past season's films now?"

Sunday, May 28 at 09:19 PM:
Christina Wilson from U.S. Virgin Islands wrote:
"I viewed this program for the first time (I believe it was aired for the first time)on PBS ch 12 in USVI at 11:30 pm. "Sling Blade". I had no idea that the movie, which I saw earlier, was developed from a short. I was intrigued by the background of the story, where it came from, and who was involved in the making of the short. Thank you."

Wednesday, May 24 at 05:36 PM:
Irving Haber from Washington, DC (WNVC) wrote:
"One of the only shows I watch all week. Hope I will see more of you. Do you have to work hard being silly between cuts or are you guys really like that?"

Wednesday, May 17 at 08:21 AM:
Barry from Washington DC wrote:
"Stayed up one night and caught the show. It threw me for a loop! I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was. I wish you luck in the future & really hope the show finds a way to continue."

Wednesday, May 10 at 08:47 AM:
Bud from Plainview,LI wrote:
"Can't seem to download Qicktime to Windows 98. How about adding real Player to your Video system?"

Tuesday, May 9 at 12:31 PM:
Nikki from Binghamton, NY wrote:
"Hi, this doesn't really apply to the show, but filmmakers will want to check this out: ThrottleBox is searching for select independent filmmakers to enhance their growing library of film content. Your film, along with still images and text will appear in a multi-media format, unparalleled in quality, at no cost to you, on the ThrottleBox site. And they hyperlink to your site, directing fans right to you. If you're interested in learning more about what ThrottleBox can do for you, visit us at: http://www.throttlebox.com."

Monday, May 1 at 11:45 PM:
John from Huntington Beach, CA wrote:
"When I want to watch the usual action packed adventure movie (not often), I go to the theature. When I want to watch something imaginative and creative, I watch shortcuts. I wish it (shortcuts) could go on."

Monday, May 1 at 07:54 PM:
Peter from Long Beach, CA wrote:
"The first time I saw your show, I just can't help from falling in love with it.Although, I haven't had much time to watch your show, but I do like it very much. Oh by the way, my all time favorite short cut was the French film that was about a kid with his mother driving through the woods. The boy asked his mother if they could stop so he could go to the bathroom and on his way he saw his father having an affair with another woman. That was the funniest short film I've ever seen. So if you could air it again, please do so..thanks"

Saturday, April 29 at 09:43 AM:
Marco Martinez from Los Angels, CA wrote:
"I think your show just rocks, when I saw you show I was like , god this good really good.So I hope your show goes for that third season."Remember never say never" elpipi2000@AOL.com"

Friday, April 28 at 09:06 PM:
Cat from Show Your Shorts wrote:
"Larry! You're the best. Your show rocks. May gluten live forever!"

Thursday, April 27 at 02:57 PM:
Stephanie W from Sacramento, CA wrote:
"I only got to see the show once, but I loved it! I didn't think something that short could be so wonderful and moving. There aren't many times in my life when I've laughed and cried all in 5 minutes. This is definitely a favorite show! When does it air? When will you play the one about the old woman who dies and whose husband dresses up like her to milk their cow? That one was so amazing! Thank you for providing an outlet for such talent. Without you, there would be no path for all of this artistic genius to reach those who desire it."

Monday, April 24 at 09:14 PM:
Sam from California wrote:
"hey there shortcuts,I love your show and how amazing it was when I first turn on my tv and saw your show. It was on Saturday night and I was flipping the channel for some good show to watch with my cousin when I stopped at your show to watch this short film that you showed to us, and for the first time we watched it we loved your show and tries to know what time will you air again. Well, I just came to tell you how we love your show and please air that one film about this guy and his cow that was the film we fell in love with so please air it again well ya.....bye "

Thursday, April 20 at 01:54 PM:
Audrey II from Skid Row, USA wrote:
"What will be the next project for that adorable producer Larry Russo? Hopefully, someone will figure out this dude knows what he is doing and let him work on somethin' big we can all see during normal TV viewing hours. Or maybe on the big screen. Anyway, thanks Larry for working so hard on such a worthwhile project. "

Friday, April 7 at 09:17 PM:
Mike Perlewitz yodawon@yahoo.com from Waukesha, WI wrote:
"I just have seen episode 3 and loved the short film entitled "Quest and was wondering if i could get it on video somehow. If posssible please E-mail me!"

Tuesday, April 4 at 04:37 PM:
Jon Hymes from New York wrote:
"Why is the show is on so late?"

Tuesday, March 28 at 07:31 PM:
Will JG Kurtz from Boston, MA wrote:
"My local PBS station (as far as I can tell) isn't airing your show!! I desperately want to see it as I am a huge fan of Louis CK and also hope to make funny short films myself in the near future. Is there anyway I can get copies of the show, or will my local PBS station (WGBH) be airing Short Cuts any time soon? Please help!! - Will Kurtz, KeyserKane@aol.com"

Thursday, March 23 at 11:38 PM:
Emma from NYC wrote:
"I enjoyed my first viewing of SHORTCUTS so much, I wanted to let you guys know right away. However, in doing so, I now know that I missed the episode which immediately followed -- the one with the Oscar nominated film.WNET-- a HINT would have been nice, as opposed to all the pretty graphics and promos for that show about eagles.My mind is awash in ambivalence.At any rate, thank you for a truly enjoyable half hour. I'll be looking out for you from now on. And what does C.K. stand for?"

Thursday, March 23 at 11:23 PM:
Christine Wigg from NYC wrote:
"Thanks so much for "Shortcuts". I truly enjoyed the hour of TV. I look forward to seeing more short films (I'm always looking for them, sometimes PBS uses them as filler, and when I saw the listing, I stayed up to watch them).Short films are so imaginative and quirky. A delight to view and throughly entertaining. We need more of them! I will tell my friends to watch. Again, thanks."

Monday, March 20 at 11:18 AM:
rick deckard from chicago, IL wrote:
"my friends and i really enjoy your show. we sit around late sun. night for it every week. we are looking forward to seeing episode 203 again. Quest had a great feel about it. along the same lines we would like to see you air "shaft of light". i saw it somewhere once and have been upset to hev never seen it again.when will "quest" be on again in my area? also, whould you consider getting "shaft of light" for a future program?thanks for your time.tobe@inil.com"

Monday, March 20 at 10:38 AM:
Ken Casarsa from Syracuse, NY wrote:
"I caught Shortcuts this weekend by accident (it airs on our PBS station's second cable channel so it's kind of hard to know about let alone look for). It was the "Quest" and "CanHead" episode. Loved it. I hope they re-run the one's I've missed. It was a bonus to have Louis CK as the host, a great and very underrated comic. "

Wednesday, March 15 at 10:14 PM:
Carl Fagerskog from Sacramento, CA wrote:
"I caught the show on our local PBS station's (KVIE) second (cable) channel and it was wonderful. I checked your listings for Sacramento, but found that nothing would display. Please email me at red*****@hotmail.com and let me know if and when the show will be run regularly in our area. It is so good to see these wonderful films on television. Meanwhile, I will check with KVIE. Thank you!"

Friday, March 10 at 11:08 AM:
Frank Matyskiela from Palo Alto, CA wrote:
"Where can I see again (obtain) the film about the airplane in a box that aired last month on PBS channel 9?"

Tuesday, March 7 at 12:41 PM:
Beth Leitter from Evanstion,IL wrote:
"I saw your show on sunday night, and it was hilarious ! I just want Mr.CK to know that I would marry him any time! Get back to me if you can, trust me Iam worth it! (847)492-8545-home (847)677-3870-work CAN'T WAITE TO HEAR FROM YOU!"

Monday, March 6 at 04:05 PM:
robert morales from Los Angeles, CA rkislig@yahoo.com wrote:
"I enjoy your show, which airs here on PBS ch. 58. I was trying to find the titles to some of the shorts I've enjoyed,but I couln't (two New Zeland made ones, about the cow and DJ playing old time music by the same film maker and the French language one about the guy who's going to be late for work because the train doesn't stop at a small town anymore, the Norwegian painter on the ladder). If possible could you guys put a page that would give all the pertinent info. on the films such as short discription, where it was made, by who ect. Also, if you would be able to maybe assemble an anthology on DVD or video (DVD better) I would love to have them in my collection....if anyone knows the information write, send it please."

Sunday, March 5 at 01:27 AM:
Mike from San Francisco wrote:
"Came across "Ice Cream" by chance the other week. A most weird, wacked and lovely piece of cinema! Louis CK's follow-up with the critics was side-splitting. I'm looking forward to seeing more like this."

Saturday, March 4 at 09:10 AM:
Tommy from Rowland Heights CA wrote:
"I just viewed "The Potato Hunter" for the second time, and would like to reiterate the fact that I loved it. It had a very innocent quality to it, thatI don't see in the majority of short-films, especially beginner's short-films. However, I would like tosay again that I honestly don't care for"ICECREAM." I loved all the cameo's inthe film, but I would have to disagreewith Janet Maslin's comment that it wasthe greatest thing she had ever seen. It stank with all due respect to Mr. Louis CK. warholkool@aol.com"

Wednesday, March 1 at 08:19 PM:
Tommy from Rowland Heights CA 91748 wrote:

Wednesday, March 1 at 08:16 PM:
Tommy from Rowland Heights, CA wrote:
"I just read 'David, from San Francisco's ' comment that the interview after the film "IceCream was well written. I agree, David. However, I didn't like "IceCream" Granted it was off the walland in nostalgic black-and-white, but Ididn't care for it, with all due respecttowards the Louis. However, I honestlydid enjoy watching the short-film, "Hello There." It was absolutely funny,and loved the character. The character's despondent lackluster starereminded me a little of Andy Warhol. (Go figure) Also, Robert Sarkies' "SigningOff" blew my socks off. You just don'tsee that kind of quality in most short-stories. And not only was it hilarious,it had a sweet quality to it. I lovedit. Speaking of loving it, kudos to TedDemme's "The Bet". Gavin O' Connor'swriting in this short"

Monday, February 28 at 01:51 AM:
Lolita Alcocer from San Francisco wrote:
"I love your shows! Potato Hunter was great, as are all the shorts. I only wish you aired more often.Keep up the great work and varied pieces,Lolita Alcocerlolitaalcocer@yahoo.com"

Saturday, February 26 at 12:24 AM:
David from San Francisco wrote:
"I just watched my first episode of Shortcuts. I enjoyed both short films, but liked the host segments even more. I loved the bit when Louis CK interviewed the critics about his film "Ice Cream." It was brilliantly written. Keep it coming. "

Tuesday, February 22 at 10:18 AM:
Todd Growney from San Francisco wrote:
"Your show has been a breath of fresh air! I didn't know how much I loved short films until I saw your show. I am in constant antisipation for your next show. Do you have any plans of posting short films on your web site in digital format for viewing on a computer. Of course if you do this I think all film lovers would agree that if they are posted they should be captured in very high detail. Any less would be an insult the the creators (and viewers). I have seen some wide screen format quicktime movies that have been very clean (better than video)."

Monday, February 21 at 11:52 PM:
Max Alvarado from Costa Mesa, California wrote:
"Thanks for this show! You know there are a lot of would be producers out here dying for an oportunity to identify with some well known moviemakers organization or Tv network. Your program is inspiring and it makes one feel like getting out the camera right now! You could create a bigger following you know if you would included a spot in the program about editing tips or what some of your cinematograhers are using for equipment. Thanks"

Monday, February 21 at 09:16 PM:
Noe from Honolulu, Hawai'i wrote:
"I just happened to be flipping through the stations last nite and came across the short from Mexico (episode 206) and both my husband and I couldnt take our eyes off of it...it was FABULOUS!Is there any way to get a copy of the shorts that you air?I love your show! We will now be sure to make sure we watch the show faithfully. Thank you for exsistingAloha a hui houNoe"

Sunday, February 20 at 05:03 PM:
Tommy from Los Angeles, CA. KLCS wrote:
"I just viewed Episode 205 and enjoyed 'The Potato Hunter.' To be honest though, I didn't really enjoy "Ice Cream." I mean no disrespect towards toLouis CK. Granted, it was off-beat andhad a sterile black-and-white nostalgicfeeling to it, but it didn't entertainme. The car crash scene didn't look real at all, but I did laugh at the bizarre 'latin' band that strangely appeared out of nowhere, as the child enjoyed his icecream and ride. A few questions:1. How did you ever coerce Janet Maslin to come on 'shortcuts'?2. Your episode guide only reviews episode 201-209. What happened to the other 200 episodes?Sincerely, warholkool @ aol.com"

Sunday, February 20 at 11:43 AM:
tulip from mariolemay@cnmnetwork.com wrote:
"I appreciated the interview with Rachel Griffith and her view on "getting over difficult moments in our lives".The mexican short film was a sweet delight. This child was a very good actor. The idea was very interesting. Please bring us more foreign films. It is great to hear and see the point of view of people from around the globe. Thank you and good luck with the new season.Mario "

Sunday, February 20 at 10:31 AM:
me from here wrote:
"I scream for ice cream."

Sunday, February 20 at 07:50 AM:
cory mason from chicago IL wrote:
"GREAT SHOW......I wish it aired in chicago, I will be looking.cheers."

Sunday, February 20 at 07:30 AM:
Ron Enriquez from Columbia, SC wrote:
"I accidentally stumbled on one of your episodes(#203)and saw "Quest". I loved it!!! and am looking foward to seeing more great films. This is the one show that can ease my suffering from boredom."

Sunday, February 13 at 05:19 PM:
Nancy Chan from San Leandro, CA (yes, yes, next to Oakland) wrote:
"Incredibly interesting stuff. I came across the show about two weeks after remarking to my brother that I never see independent films on public television. (Oh, the stuff here is KQED San Francisco, FYI.) Louis CK is a double-fudge brownie sweet host, his comedic sketches and remarks both warmly humorus and unoffensive. *grins* (I loved the reviewer panel he had for his film, "Ice Cream," episode 205.) This is definitely my new favorite show. Hmm. *cough* Last thing: Don't send bombs to my e-mail address, Devegari31@aol.com. Thank you!"

Friday, February 11 at 04:40 PM:
Simmy O'Sippy from Washington Heights, NY wrote:
"I laughed, I cried, ............I stuffed my face!!!!!!!!!"

Monday, February 7 at 12:58 PM:
Zack from Pennsylvania wrote:
"I didn't start watching ShortCuts on a regular basis until this season, you should sell tapes (or DVD's? even better!) of back episodes. I'd definately buy!"

Sunday, February 6 at 03:12 PM:
Chris Cauble from Hayward, CA wrote:
"I am a claymator, so naturally, I loved seeing Canhead and Quest on "Shortcuts." Please do more animation on your show. Also, do the shows get re-aired? It would be nice if your site was more detailed in the airdates, instead of just telling us to look up the dates and times ourselves. Keep up the good work! JCauble@pacbell.net"

Saturday, February 5 at 12:29 AM:
Stephen Leader from San Francisco wrote:
"Just watched my first episode on KQED-TV 9. When Louis C.K. showed two piles of celluloid - the big pile, (a feature film) and a small pile (short film)I was hooked. Thanks for an illuminating and entertaining show. One question, Why do they always have to kill off a character in a 'short film'? (e.g. the lead commited suicide in the Louis C.K. piece, and we can assumme the little old lady died in 'Signing Off')Does this make a short film 'Art'? If this is so, than if we assume a character dies every 15 mins, then we can expect a murder rate of 21,900 bodies a year...from artists no less!. Be interested in your feedback (email me at sleader@telebot.net)Great Job!!!Stephen"

Monday, January 31 at 05:34 PM:
The Glass Bottom Boat from Viewer wrote:
"What was the purpose of not showing the film in its entirety? I taped KLCS and sat down to watch the film and bam... it's stopped and your promo came up. What's the deal???Kayziewayz@aol.com"

Monday, January 31 at 04:14 PM:
Larry Goldstein from Pearl City, HI wrote:
"I stumbled upon your show on our PBS station, KHET, Channel 11, in Honolulu two weeks ago, where it airs on Sunday at 10:30 pm. I missed the second week but will remind myself each weekend to watch. Enjoyed the films last night and, as a viewer of Antiques Roadshow, got a kick out of your satire of it. I plan to video future shows to show my grandchildren as they get older and can appreciate them. Are there any short filmmakers in Hawaii that you know of? My e-mail address is lgoldste@hawaii.edu."

Sunday, January 30 at 09:56 AM:
Raoul Duke from Berkeley, CA wrote:
"This is stunningly good stuff. You guys and Sessions 54 are about the only things worth watching on TV these days. Thank you for caring enough about what shorts can convey to bring these masterieces to those of us who know enough to watch."

Sunday, January 30 at 05:36 AM:
denise from jzisa@carroll.com wrote:
" I love your show! I'm a real film freak and short films are my favorites. Please keep on doing your good work. I watched Quest and Canhead on Channel WLIW 21 in New Jersey. When may I see it again? Are these available on video? Tyron Montgomery, Tom Stellmach, and Tim Hittle should be doctors. Their films are absolute medecine for me!! Thanks. Please answer. D. Zisa"

Saturday, January 29 at 08:46 AM:
Niley Dorit from San Francisco wrote:
"I stumbled onto the show 1/28/00 and saw the segment on "I call it a sling blade". I had never heard of the show before. It was great - really loved it. I am going to check your schedule on this web page so I can tune in again. I am a really, really picky TV watcher - I probably only watch 1 or 2 shows a week and the rest is news only. I'll definitiely tune in again. Keep up the great work!!Niley"

Tuesday, January 25 at 03:07 PM:
Elder from elderz_99@hotmail.com wrote:
"So far, I've seen only one episode this season, and it was GREAT! i saw that Mexican short about a little boy that catches an airplane in a suit-case, that was wonderful. I'm really glad to see this show back on the air, as an independent film maker, I'm really interested in what's being prodiced, both in the U.S and around the world. Good luck!"

Sunday, January 23 at 07:18 PM:
Matt from anarchyinpa@yahoo.com wrote:
"Your clay animation are great. My friends and I have been making clay animation for a while. Its a lot of fun. But we have nowhere to send it, And I seen your show and seen clay animation and I was wondering if we can send it to you? we have a couple videos we made, but we dont have any hi= tech stuff, just a video camera, a new model with a stop motion feature. So please e-mail me and get back to us."

Wednesday, January 19 at 11:59 AM:
jeff hermanski from pittsfield ma wrote:
"i loved the short "ice cream" I grew up watching monty python and lovetotally random bits. i was wondering if u sell coppies of it since i wasn't abil to tape it. thanks allot for brighting up my sunday night. e-mail Burntheflag77@yahoo.com"

Sunday, January 16 at 08:02 PM:
michelle from los angeles, california wrote:
"i was in the midst of my routine channel surfing when i stumbled upon this great little show. all i have to do now is remind myself when it airs and i'll be a happy little camper. this show ROCKS!!! viva la short film!! i watched it last night and vowed to never miss it again. God Bless PBS. -michelle (a very satisfied viewer)"

Sunday, January 16 at 01:31 AM:
Gator from SoCal wrote:
"I viewed Swerve tonight. It had everything a story could have. The endingwas just stunning."

Friday, January 14 at 10:42 PM:
molly from the universe wrote:
"i had fallen asleep with the tv on, woke up to ICECREAM and got a very bigkick out of it. thankyou. i'll be tuning in on purpose next time. ~m "

Wednesday, January 12 at 07:19 PM:
Larry Russo from PROGRAM INFO wrote:
"In the NY area, WLIW/21 will begin airing shortcuts Saturday nights at11:30PM beginning January 15th."

Tuesday, January 11 at 12:17 PM:
gmaainc@yahoo.com from mark-anthony torres wrote:
"i love your show om pbs.i have two stories that i would like to make intoshortfilm? where do i start?"

Tuesday, January 11 at 12:15 PM:
gmaainc@yahoo.com from mark-anthony torres wrote:
"i love your show om pbs.i have two stories that i would like to make intoshortfilm? where do i start?"

Tuesday, January 11 at 12:14 AM:
onestar from onestar@onestar.net wrote:
"why did you take out 13 figures de sarah from episode 3 and where can I get a video of the film? thanks"

Sunday, January 9 at 01:11 PM:
Reynold wright from Tugsss@hotmail.com, NN00VVAA@aol.com wrote:
"I saw your first episode last night. Fantastic. I live short films and Ialways have. It is inspiring for anyone to grab a 8mm cam and get out there to make a statement. That is what is should be about. I love indipendents so much because the director/writer in some cases really gets to put in what he really wants and does not have to answer to a big studio on what to put in the movie. Studios just out in what the think will sell and then you see a rash of exadurated-natural desasters or alien invasions. I dont think that we really get a chance to chose what we view in a movie. What is really on our minds. I am glad that there are people out there that challenge the norm. We all would be pretty lost if it were not for these artist. "

Tuesday, January 4 at 06:51 PM:
Jeff Hermanski from Pittsfield Ma wrote:
"I stumbled on the show a coupple of months ago. im 15 years old and one of my dreams is to make movies. your show has really inspired and motivated me to start as soon as possible. With my recent purchace of a video camera im excited to start filmin my first short. thanks for giving me hope and proof that i can do it. email burntheflag77@yahoo.com"

Sunday, January 2 at 08:34 PM:
Ben Grant from Wilbraham, MA wrote:
"The Show was wonderful, I laughed so hard I cried, Thanks for the good time!"

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